Praise for Riverstone Structural Concepts

We sincerely thank the following design industry professionals for sharing their views of Riverstone Structural Concepts.

“Riverstone has used BIM technology in the most progressive way. Their integrated BIM workflows enable the different AEC disciplines to work seamlessly together on any type or size of project from initial concepts to project completion. Projects delivered in this way are finished sooner and on budget. That is why Patrick Bird and his team at Riverstone have become so sought after by both clients and fellow building professionals to help develop their projects. We greatly respect Riverstone Structural Concepts for always pushing the limits. Thank you, Patrick, for your business!”

“From the very first projects Riverstone Structural Concepts produced using ArchiCAD, it was obvious they were leveraging this new BIM paradigm to fundamentally transform the working relationship between the architect and the structural engineer into a more collaborative partnership. Using the Graphisoft BIM Server and Teamwork environments, Riverstone has revolutionized the structural engineer’s business model. Today, without exception, they continue to innovate using ArchiCAD and other open BIM solutions. They are simply leading the profession forward through process change and new collaboration methodologies that will affect all stakeholders in the AEC industry.”

“Our two firms work very well together. We actually work in the same model environment, ArchiCAD, which is very unusual for architects and engineers to do. In fact, they’re the only structural engineers we work with who use ArchiCAD. This allows us to work together much more easily and productively. We can collaborate in real time: make changes to designs in real time; see each other’s work in real time. Being able to work with them in this way saves a lot of coordination time and effort. No other structural engineers we use are using ArchiCAD, so it’s a much easier process with them from a project coordination stand point.”

“ArchiCAD is integral to how we do business, and having the structural engineer working in the same platform makes our work that much more productive.”

“Riverstone is also extremely thorough. There’s typically much more information on their drawings than we typically get from other engineers. It’s much more detailed, which makes my job much easier.”

I have known Pat for over six years and have been fortunate to see his company grow and evolve into a leader of structural firms using BIM.  From the first day we met, he had a clear vision on what BIM could do for his company.  His entire team understands the value of ArchiCAD, BIM, and collaboration and takes advantage of the technology.  It is exciting to see their passion for working in collaborative teams throughout the US.  Unlike many, they do not try and emulate the old workflow.  Instead, they utilize the tools and workflows as they are intended to create building models with fewer errors and ultimately saving the building owner time and money.

Riverstone Structural Concepts is the engineering firm of the new millennium. Patrick Bird has paired his uncompromising engineering practices with our state of the art technology to create a company unlike any other. In less than 5 years RSC has gone from a traditional practice working primarily in a local market to a cutting edge firm with accounts coast to coast. What RSC is delivering today is unlike anything else I have seen in the industry and leaves the competition in the dust.

Collaborating in BIM with Riverstone creates opportunities to enhanced the integration of architectural and structural expression through modeling elements and their connections. Not only has this facilitated the development of the design, it is a great communication tool for both the Client and Contractors, allowing all parties to gain a deeper understanding of project components and process.

McCall Design & Planning has been working with Riverstone Structural Concepts since its inception, and with Patrick Bird prior to that. There are several reasons we continually go back. RSC has proven their ability to work with us as a team both in the design phase, as well as through the nuts and bolts of engineering. An even more important one is in their follow up after the drawings have gone out the door. They understand that when you call during a project, there are people standing around a job site waiting for an answer, and they work hard to find that answer as quickly as possible. An additional bonus is our ability to work with them in a BIM system. Instead of having to send drawings back and forth, since we are all working with ArchiCAD, we work in the same drawing file together, streamlining the process.